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Top Tools To Facilitate Remote Working For SaaS Organizations Amidst COVID

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  • These major platforms probably only went all-in on flexbox fairly recently
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 A lot of global companies have rolled out work from home policies in the last few days due to the spread of Covid-19.

While with the current situation, it seems realistic that working from home will be the practical option for a while now, a lot of organizations are implementing work from home for the first time. But there is a lot of SaaS stack that enables them to work remotely, to assist virtual communication to help the team stay connected, to increase efficiency, and to keep the data secure.

Web Conferencing

One of the essential things to take care of while any team is working remotely is maintaining face-to-face communication. Thankfully, there are a lot of tools available in the market right now that facilitates voice and video conferences to aid you. Some of them have been here for a while, whereas the others are comparatively new and promising.

  •  Zoom, Webex, RingCentral, Google Hangouts, Skype, Krisp are popular at the moment and are being used by the top SaaS organizations.

Note Taking 

Taking notes while having online conferences can be tedious, especially when you are jumping from one video call to another. Taking physical notes might not be the greatest of ideas as you might have to share it with people, and also your notes would be scattered everywhere. There are a lot of tools that help you take notes digitally.

  • Evernote, Notion, Bear are the ones most preferred by SaaS organizations.


Even though it is almost a tradition to use Google Drive to share files, there are a lot of other tools available. Some of the applications such as Loom come with certain features like ‘Quick screen grab’ that might prove to be highly useful

  • Loom, CloudApp, Droplr


Working from home can affect productivity due to various reasons, but there is an overwhelming amount of productivity and project management tools in the market to help your organization. There are also a plethora of options to choose from depending on your needs.

  • Asana and Trello are mostly favored by remote-friendly companies, Clubhouse and Jira are favored by development teams. In contrast, the frontrunners in productivity tools for data-oriented companies are Airtable and Smartsheet.

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Product and technology

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The more we gravitate towards remote working, the need to have digital storage space for files that are accessible to all the team members also increases.

  • Google Drive is the most known services for data storage, but design-oriented teams are now preferring other services like Box 


UI designers, products, and marketing designers are no strangers to using Figma and Adobe Illustrator. It is essential to have an excellent designing tool that is simple enough for non-designers to understand but should also have the necessary functionalities to be useful for professional designers.  

  • InVision, Figma, Adobe Illustrator


Building and running software is an essential part o SaaS organization, with a lot of companies switching to remote working, the developers who are working from home need stable and trustworthy platforms to build, test their codes.

  • GitHub, Docker, GitLab, Clubhouse, Aha! 

Customer experience

Customer service is pivotal to any organization, mainly to service providing organizations like SaaS. The connection with your customers is essential, and it becomes a challenge when all your customer management teams work remotely. Specific tools enable you to have the top customer service even when working remotely to provide the best support.

  • Zendesk, Salesforce, Kustomer, Freshdesk 


There is a risk of hacking and data theft when the team works remotely as their home wifi, or the usage of public wifi in places like coffee shops are high. But a lot of companies with SSO procedures, password, and device management has made network, IP security, and hardware access extremely secure.

  • Okta, OneLogin, Fleetsmith, Jamf, Azure AD, Dashlane 

Cloud Monitoring

The amount of data an IT company has to manage is staggering, and with the number of people who have access to the data, SaaS teams need platforms for centralized management and monitoring of data. 

  • Datadog, New Relic, Splunk, Dynatrace

Incident Response 

Another major hurdle while working remotely is the team working collectively to respond to an incident. The importance of filtering out false alarms and quick incidence responses cannot be stressed enough. There are some tools to assist human intervention and real-time support operations in making sure the issue is taken care of immediately.

  • PagerDuty, VictorOps, Opsenie, Splunk


Lastly, working remotely also means your team will have to switch between lots of applications than usual. You are making use of applications that brings all the necessary tools under a single room will get things done faster; avoiding all the hassle of switching between applications and also helps you accommodate your whole team together – making contacting the whole team easier. And most of the collaboration tools will let you integrate a lot of the tools mentioned in the article.

  • Slack, Microsoft Teams, Discord, Google Suite are some of the collaboration tools that are widely used. 

One thing that is more important than anything provided is to “Keep Your Spirits Up”. If you are part of a team, it is your duty to acknowledge that these are stressful times and to keep the morale of your team high by cheerleading them through these trying times.

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