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Top 15 Marketing Strategies to take your SaaS game to the next level

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  • These major platforms probably only went all-in on flexbox fairly recently
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The olden SaaS marketing strategies from the 2000s are becoming ineffective as the marketing strategies are now obsessed around finding efficient ways to gain leads. Hence, the need to find innovative ways to market your product to the right people is also essential to grow your company. 

Read on if you are an enthusiastic entrepreneur looking to take your SaaS organization to the top with the help of methods that are stemmed from tried and tested approaches along with innovative and promising techniques.

Turning cold emails warm:

Having a holistic approach towards email marketing can help you stand out from the rest of the email advertising that has a general attitude towards a group of a similar organizations. 

Specific tools will come in handy to identify the accounts that have visited your webpage and to find the email addresses of your targets. These tools will also help you identify your real prospects.

Identifying the companies and personalizing your email campaigns based on that and contacting a specific person or a sector instead of contacting the entire company is essential as it will be more personal and direct, and will bear a higher chance of getting a response.

Generating Organic Leads Through SEOs:

Keyword research will come under one of the most crucial parts of SEO. Coming up with a set of keywords that your potential customer will enter in the search box to find your company and using the possible keywords to generate the right amount of traffic towards your company is necessary.

Using keyword research tools such as Google keyword planner, checking Google search box suggestions to know what people are searching for. And using “Searches related to” box to take a look at keywords that are closely related to your search will provide information to make yourself visible to the right people.

Using Q/A sites to your advantage: 

Q/A sites such as Quora and Reddit can use used to garner leads to your SaaS Company. Quora has over more than 300 million unique monthly users, but by following the right people and answering the right questions can get your answer a lot of views, which in turn will bring in leads. Answering questions that are relevant to what your bio says and answering questing by people with a lot of followers with incomplete responses to the said question will gain a lot of views.

Even though Reddit is mostly considered to be a social networking site for all people, there is a plethora of subreddits that are dedicated to SaaS organizations. Posting relevant content, answering questions, and even asking questions to other followers will be an easy way to identify potential targets.

Getting Featured On Review Websites:

Getting featured in SaaS review websites is essential to attract customers to your company, and good reviews by trusted sources will also help the customers develop a sense o trust with your company even before approaching your company.

Around 90% of consumers check for reviews before approaching a company. 

There are a lot of companies like Capterra, Financesonline, and Trustpilot that will post free reviews for your product if you submit them.

Getting Reviews On SaaS Directories:

Submitting your product to SaaS directories and waiting for reviews will never be enough to generate organic leads. You need to step up and start your campaign with your existing customers.

Getting the existing customers to submit a review, to leave a video testimonial, and to take a quick survey in the SaaS directories, in turn, for rewards will step up your game.

Retargeting to reduce ad costs:

Retargeting will be an effective cost-cutting measure if you’re starting out, as Facebook and Google’s CPC ads can sometimes be a hindrance to your budget, especially if you’re targeting an entirely cold audience.

Retargeting is targeting and creating personalized ad campaigns for people who have already accessed your website. This works by targeting the people who already have specific knowledge about your company and so you will have a higher chance of convincing them. The method works industries like SaaS that usually have longer sales cycles.

Lifetime deal to attract early customers:

Lifetime deal is an excellent offer to attract early customers and will also help your company generate a considerable amount of revenue to keep things running. 

This is a proven method, as at the early stages, your customers will make a purchasing decision not because of the product but because of the vision behind it. Giving them a highly discounted deal will help with the sales and will also make them understand your long term goals.

Using the Product Hunt:

Product Hunt is an exceptional place for SaaS to launch their products and services. It is a place where the audiences are mostly entrepreneurs.

Product Hunt can help you significantly increase website traffic, generate valuable feedback, and, most importantly, find new customers. It also helps your company to gather feedback from the target audience.

To make your product successful at Product Hunt; 

Come up with a clear idea to showcase what your product is all about

Come up with exclusive offers on your products that are available only at Product Hunt like – Discount codes, Rewards campaign, etc.

Using LinkedIn to Promote Your Content:

LinkedIn has higher reach even when compared to Facebook. 

LinkedIn can get your post to 10 times more people than the number of people who are following you. You can garner an insane amount of views to your content if you know how to approach it. Starting with the main idea within the first three sentences, avoiding large paragraphs, adding links to the content you are promoting, and a call for action will make sure your post does not get lost in LinkedIn.

This is insane!

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Co-Marketing to Hike Your Growth

Co-Marketing is one of the lesser talked about SaaS strategy.

Co-Marketing is having a synergic approach towards marketing by combining the resources, contacts, and skills of two companies into launching a more robust campaign than what they could have done individually. 

Your goals, the effort both the parties are willing to put in, and the ease of working with each other are some of the things to be kept in mind before choosing a Co-Marketing partner.  

Affiliate Marketing Program:

Affiliate marketing is not recommended for SaaS companies that are just starting up as it will take a bit of your budget. Still, it is an excellent marketing strategy for known companies.

This is a better alternative for ever-growing costs of Google and Facebook ads and the risk of it being bombarded with a bunch of other ad content.

It will help your loyal customers earn money by spreading a word about your company. 

The possibility of reaching the relevant audience is more as it is marketed by mostly known contacts.

It will also save your marketing budget as it is comparably cheaper than other marketing channels with a better ROI.

ShareASale Affiliates



 Instapage are some of the well-known affiliate marketing companies.


 Webinars are an often underutilized but an active channel to connect with your audience in real-time. There are three types of webinars namely;

Product-agnostic – Webinars with other SaaS industry people about their products and services.

Product-specific – Webinars for customers explaining about a new product or service.

Announcements – New features announcements webinars.

Other than providing an excellent basis to build a community, webinars will help you create reusable content various SaaS marketing channels, while also generating leads and prospects.

Using Podcasts to Engage with Users:

Podcasts are gaining more popularity with each passing day, and a lot of SaaS companies already included them in their marketing channel. 

Podcasts are accessible, allow users to multitask; they are easy to make, versatile, and enable them to build a community. And as they are still growing, you will be able to make an impact before your competitors enter this marketing channel.

Starting a private community online:

Lastly, private communities in Facebook and other social media can be benefiting too. Organic reach is more with Facebook communities are they are favored by the Facebook’s algorithm, and also they provide a way for consumers to engage with the business directly.

It also allows your company to connect with the consumers on a personal level, as the communities are full of posts by people other than your brand, giving it a more human look.

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