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Tips for work from home

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  • These major platforms probably only went all-in on flexbox fairly recently
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Due to the coronavirus outbreak, most companies are making work from home mandatory for their employees to keep them safe. Working from home can be very hard as it is easy to get your personal and professional life mixed up. Here are some tips for people who are working from home to make it easier.

Choose an ideal workspace.

Picking one or a few workspaces, with an organized desk and a comfortable chair will help you be more productive.

 Changing clothes 

It might not seem very important, but changing from your pajamas will make you get into the right headspace. Also to be prepared for unannounced video conferences.  

Waking up at a regular time

Waking up on time, regularly without taking advantage of work from the home situation will help. As if you don’t have a regular schedule, you will become more and more unproductive gradually.

Don’t overwork

Overworking can affect you both physically and mentally since most of us are quarantined and can’t step outside, you must define what hours you will be working and stick to it.

 Work notifications

You shouldn’t let your work come in between your life. Sign out or turn off notifications about any work-related applications once your work is done.

Don’t work in deafening silence.

Listen to music or let the TV run in the background. Since you will not be working from the office, it can get too quiet sometimes.

Use earphones

If you are living with people or living in an area with high noise pollution, always use headphones and mute your microphone during conference calls, unless you’re talking. This will keep out avoidable noises from interrupting the communication.

Ask people to be quiet while you are working

If you are staying with people, you have to communicate to them to be quiet while you are attending a video/audio conference. You can’t allow people to disturb you or your coworkers.

Avoid having lunch while working

Usually, lunch breaks at work is a time where you can catch up on people and talk about non-work related things, do the same while working from home too. It can be a little overwhelming to focus on working always.

Socialize after work

Not everyone gets to work from home, surrounded by their families. If you are working alone, make sure you are socializing every day. Even if it is a video call with your loved ones, it will help keep the loneliness away.

Stay connected with your team

Be regularly in touch with your team, even if your job doesn’t require that. Understand that they are also stuck at home. Staying in touch and cheer-leading the team to lift their spirits will help everyone relax and also stay connected.

Take breaks

If you are a person who likes to take breaks while working to clear your mind off things for a while, do the same here too. Take frequent breaks, it is more likely to make you productive than be of a problem.

Don’t do chores throughout the day.

Don’t do your household chores throughout the day, as it may hinder your work and exhaust a lot of time. Schedule a time to do specific tasks and stick to it, and you get both your chores and work done quickly.

Take care of yourself

This is the time where you should really take care of yourself, as the quarantine can affect you both physically and mentally. Stay active, workout regularly to maintain fitness even if you can’t go to the gym. Talk to your therapist whenever needed.

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