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The best marketing strategies to boost your SaaS sales

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Closing a deal is one of the most satisfying feelings if you are in any organization that sells its products/services. It is even greater if you are a SaaS company that just made a sale after spending a lot of resources and time. However, successfully running a SaaS company at this time, where there is a new one coming up every other day, will require a lot of effort and passion.

That’s why we have listed down some of the best marketing strategies to increase your sales to give you a competitive edge over other SaaS companies.

Giving Free Trials

Giving out demos and free trials is an ageless strategy in the SaaS industry, as it is one of the methods to ensure a high conversion rate.

Giving a free trial gives your prospect a chance to give your product a try before they make a purchase. And also, being able to test and customize your software will let them know if your product is what they are looking for.

For you, this is the best method to locate and nurture leads that are potential clients who will make the purchase later. But it should also be kept in mind that the free shouldn’t go more than two weeks as most of the prospects will decide within the first week.

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Using credibility

Credibility is an elixir in the SaaS industry, as a potential target is has a high chance of purchasing if you can prove your product’s worth. There are various ways to establish your credibility;

Use well-known trust seals like Norton, Visa, BBB can help your client alleviate fears about data security and promises reliability. Testimonials from existing clients and case study’s can prove your targets that you can deliver your promise.

Make sure your customer service contact is highly visible wherever your product is advertised to make sure your clients feel you are accessible.


Pay-per-click might look like an outdated lead generation strategy, but it is the most cost-efficient and comparatively easy way to generate leads. This is the most effective way to use this method to use this strategy to target your potential targets. 

If you can attract your target attention using your PPC ads, when the target clicks your ad, you should make sure that the landing page should attract the goal by showcasing why your product is better than the rest. This strategy might be old, but if you can convince your goal with your landing page, then this will do wonders.

Using Social Media

Other than the people you are targeting, there are a lot of businesses who might know your product but never needed them YET. You can use social media as a platform to connect with them and also promote your products.

User testimonials are the best way to showcase the success of your product with a proof.

You can also upload your case study as a video or a picture along with a testimonial on social media.

Addressing Negative Issues

  • Addressing the issues on social media sets things right and shows your confidence. 
  • Showcases your customer service’s efficiency.
  • Dismissing rumors will earn your customers’ respect.

Other than that, a lot of your targets are undecided about your SaaS product, and you can educate them about your product on social media in addition to other marketing techniques.

Getting Featured on Review Sites

Almost 90% of the customers read reviews about your product before even entering your website, and 66% of them say that reading reviews helped them with their purchasing decision. This should propagate the importance of reviews. 

Using third party review sites like PC Mag as well as sites that compare your product with other products can help the customers know about the benefits of choosing your company over others, and it is more helpful it doesn’t come directly from your website and it also generates inbound links. 

You can give your product’s access for a limited time in exchange for blogs to write a review of your SaaS product. In addition to that, you can also pay them to get placed in the frontline as ‘Featured review’.

Closing a deal as a SaaS company can take a while, but this industry is fast-paced and highly competitive. The best way to get ahead of the competition is to play to your strengths, using your resources wisely and to be innovative.

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