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Scalable SaaS hiring guide

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One of the things that all businesses should pay attention to is the hiring process. In SaaS world hiring process can be tedious as we must constantly resign, realign, and remodel our strategies. It’s about time you looked at your hiring process.

The problem with hiring is that each company has different needs but they all use the same process to hire new people. Before hiring you should make sure the person who is getting hired understands what your company is, what it stands for, what its long-term goals are, and you should make sure that the person you are hiring will align to your plans. 

Job description and ads

Your job description is the first thing your ideal candidate will see, so it is crucial that you are garnering interest from the right set of people. Be succinct while describing the role of the candidate in your company.

Make sure you are hiring a person who will be impactful, have a clear-cut idea of your ideal candidate and what his impact should be in your company. Post it with the job description. The person who is getting hired should know his role in the company.

Have a clear description of who should apply. Pinpoint the exact skills, qualification and experience (if needed) in the advertisement; it will save you a lot of time.

Even if you are not willing to disclose the exact compensation that you are willing to pay, you should at least add an approximate amount that your candidate can expect. Your candidates will like the transparency and even if your ideal candidate ‘s expectation is a tad bit higher, the candidate is more likely to apply for this role as it will suit him/her the most.

Creating a perfect description of the job and compensation will make it easier for your candidate to compare between two or more similar jobs before applying.

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One of the advantages of growing a SaaS company is that its founders are usually good at networking and are well connected. Use that to your advantage. Let people from your contacts know that you always welcome a specific talent is more scalable and you are more likely to get relevant and trusted return calls.

It might not bring you loads of applications like how you would get after posting for a job in websites like LinkedIn, but it is better than relying only on online websites to get your ideal candidate.

Reaching out to people you know is also easier and casual. You can send an email describing the type of candidates that you always have room for, and remind them with a call. This method is the best if you are on a lookout for candidates for C-level roles in your company, as it will garner potential candidates from trusted sources and reliable sources. It is also a good idea to meet a potential candidate even if that person is not looking for jobs at the moment.

If it is a C-level candidate, establish contact before interviewing them. Get to know them better through following them on social media, commenting on their public posts, attending their seminar, inviting them to attend your seminars and asking them for a casual meeting outside workspace to get to know about them and their ideologies better.

Establish clear hiring checkpoints

When you are interviewing the candidates, who have applied for the job, you should never rush things. Waiting for the right person to hire is better than picking one from the first 10 candidates who have applied. 

On the processing of recruiting a potential candidate, don’t always go about it based on their resume and experience. Make sure the skills they bring to the table and the value they bring to your work culture are given importance too. There is no use in onboarding an extremely talented person, who doesn’t get along with your work culture.

Other than the routine interview, group discussions and all the other stuff, get to know about their goals and ideologies better. Don’t hire two people with similar qualifications with a similar resume for the same role, if there is an opening for more than one people for the same role. Instead, try to bring diverse talents into your company to experiment what works the best for your company. 

Always follow up with the people you have interviewed, candidates always wish that you did a better job with follow up communication. Let them know if they didn’t get the job as soon as you have made your decision because they are often left wondering, with no clear communication after the interview. If you haven’t made your decision yet, let them know that too. 

It is not a bad idea to look at how other SaaS companies that are similar to yours are hiring people too. Even if you don’t have to blatantly copy their process, the company is going in the right direction, you can learn from them.

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