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SaaS tools that aid organizations with remote working

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  • These major platforms probably only went all-in on flexbox fairly recently
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SaaS tools were already an essential part of many businesses and enterprises for a long time. Still, the recent outbreak of COVID-19 has pushed a lot of companies to adapt to Work-from-home policies for their employees to ensure their safety.

Due to this, more and more companies are introducing SaaS platforms in their company every day to aid them. It has become more of an essential technological service for collaboration, communication, and data sharing. Some of these platforms have pledged a part of their increased revenue to combat COVID-19.

SaaS platforms such as Slack, Hubspot, Salesforce, and Zoom are being used by a lot of companies to keep things running smoothly, without affecting the team’s efficiency while working remotely. TechCrunch reports state that the stocks for SaaS platforms are now being traded at around ten times their earlier, and Slack said in mid-March that their user stats were averaging over 2 million higher than usual as the demand SaaS platforms keep steadily increasing. 


Slack is a collaborative communication platform that brings the whole company’s communication together with a capacity to integrate various other communication tools within it too. This platform began its response to COVID-19 by making ‘one on one’ live video consultations free to aid the companies with the transition to remote working.

The messaging app that brings company communication together in one place began its response to the COVID-19 pandemic by offering free 1:1 live consultations to help workforces with the sudden transition to remote work. When the epidemic developed, Slack responded by giving free upgraded to premium plans for those who are working on COVID-19 response, mitigation, and research. 

Outside of its customer base, Slack is also taking the way it helps its employees with their transition to remote work very seriously.


Salesforce is a customer relationship management, SaaS platform that allows you to access marketing, sales, and service tools through cloud-based platforms. They have made all of their services free for all of the medical emergency response teams, care management teams, healthcare, and life science organizations, as most of them, are working remotely due to this pandemic.

The customer relationship management platform, which provides marketing, sales, commerce, and service products via cloud-based platforms, has put together a COVID-19 care response solution for its customers, many of whom are working remotely. They have made their premium packages free for these organizations for up to six months, allowing the said organizations to stay connected even from different time zones.

Other than that, they are also making generous donations to the healthcare and humanitarian effort to help battle COVID-19.

It has made a donation of $1 million to the University of California, San Francisco’s COVID-19 Response Fund, as well as $500,000 to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Emergency Response Fund.

The company is also willing to match their employee’s donations to NGOs such as UNICEF, Save the Children, and Give2Asia and the CDC Foundation.


Hubspot is another popular customer relationship management, SaaS platform that aids businesses in growing their marketing, sales, and service departments.  

Hubspot is preferred by small businesses than Salesforce, as they take on the economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic and transition to remote work. It is making its premium paid functions for video conferences, quotes, and e-signing free for 90 days.  

They also reduced the cost of its Starter Growth Suite by more than half, even to its already existing customers. They can pay using this for up to a year from the date of their purchase. 

They also removed their limits on the number of marketing emails and increased the call minutes for its premium customers for three months. They are also encouraging organizations that are dealing with COVI-19 directly to see what they can do to help.


Zoom is a tool that enables video 1:1 meetings, daily check-ins for up to 49 people, and company-wide webinars. Zoom has lifted its 40-minute limit on meetings with two or more participants for its primary users.

Even though all the other SaaS platforms have video conferencing facility built-in, a lot of enterprises prefer Zoom due to it continually monitoring servers to ensure maximum reliability. 

Zoom recorded the highest increase in the number of new users, according to NPR. Around 200 million people have been using Zoom this month, which is a tremendous increase from the 10 million users the company handled in December.

But they have been tackling some issues as their links if shared means anybody can enter their calls. Some people have been misusing this to bombard conferences by sharing explicit content. Strict measures are being taken by the company to prevent this.

The company has set up mental health training, online education, and telemedicine enablement for public hospitals in China. They are also giving free webinars to educate people on how to use their platform for those who are new to remote working. 

These SaaS platforms are giving free upgrades, training sessions, and reduced the cost of their packages to help their clients to deal with remote working to ensure their safety.

Even though SaaS platforms are likely to profit from this worldwide pandemic hugely, most of the companies are doing all they can on a humanitarian basis without thinking about benefiting from COVID-19.

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