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How To Reduce Churn in B2B SaaS Trials: 6 Must-Have Customer Lifecycle Emails

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The good old e-mail marketing. 

Before we dive into our topic, let me introduce you to the two great chasms. 

1) The concept of chasms which refers to the difficulty in the transition of only “early adopters” as customers to gaining traction with the “early majority”. 

2) The B2B chasm which refers to a division that exists between people who sign up for their trial and the ones who become customers after the completion of their trial. 

In order to get the customer to make the purchase after the completion of their trial periods, the SaaS companies’ customer success team often either make phone calls to the customers which makes them look too salesy or sending in automated emails which are more of an afterthought than a sequence of strategy. 

In this article, you’ll learn about the customer lifecycle emails that you must incorporate to your SaaS company in order to reduce the churn and increase the element of strategy in your email marketing. 

The 4 Qualities of Consistent Email Marketing 

• Keep it short

• Make it sound actionable or applicable

• Highlight your purpose or goal for sending the mail 

• Make it easy to read and look informal in a plain HTML text format 

Email 1: Personal Welcome Email! 

Email 2: Proactive Support Email

This is insane!

Ourt special shortcodes

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This is another email that is not automated but it is sent by a person; it can either be from the founder or VP of product or from a customer success manager in case of a larger SaaS company. 

This is mail to check-in on your customer with a goal-oriented action inserted in it. 

Here’s what this mail intends to do: 

You send a proactive support email after a time period of 1 to 24 hours after the trial user has signed up and taken the first steps to make use of your service. In order to make them feel noticed, you need to set up trigger emails that will send emails to your customers based on the specific action taken by them. 

You can make use of services like RafflePressHubSpot, or Intercom to send these trigger mails which will increase your success rate in reducing churns in terms of timeliness and high level of relevancy to the customer. 

         The point of these emails is to create an open and free space to initiate conversations and ensuring the trial user on your accessibility and approachability. This will greatly help you in understanding your trial users and how you can make sure they have a satisfactory experience with your service. 

Emails 3,4 & 5: New Lead Sequence

This is a series of three marketing education emails, more of a tiny manual explaining the three core transformations you provide for your customers. You can space these emails out and send them over a period of middle two quartiles of the trial period. 

The key here is to execute this information in a story-based format instead of filling your customers’ heads with technical jargon. 

You can attach links to your blogs along with these emails or even attach pictures in the mail itself for the customer to understand how helpful and supportive you can be in terms of solving their problems! 

Let me tell you they’re so close to their eureka now. 

Email 6: Trial Churn Email in Case Of Non-Conversion 

You gotta do what it takes. If a trial customer doesn’t convert, send in one of your friendly check-in emails along with a special offer to extend their trial period. The cost of acquiring a prospect is comparatively less than offering an extended trial period and another added advantage here is that; we’re still observing and analyzing, by offering an extension we’re able to study how long it takes for a new trial user to reach their eureka. 

Email 7: Converted Trial Email in Case of Conversion 

Our eureka user! 

Take this opportunity to congratulate them on their decision and provide them with the reassurance that they are in good hands. Show your customer that you care. 

You can also include the quantification of their accomplishments through your service so far, which again will reassurance them in an indirect manner. 

Lastly, you can invite them to explore an additional feature or resource which they haven’t done yet or to a webinar where they can ask questions and learn much more about your product. 

To Conclude 

These customer lifecycle emails aim at maintaining a smooth relationship with your customers while also managing to engage more with them which will provide you the information you need in understanding the chasm number two that exists between trial users and new customers. 

Good luck! 

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