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How to Grow Your SaaS Startup with Facebook Ads:

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  • Synergy Research reported that IBM had 7 percent of the cloud infrastructure market
  • These major platforms probably only went all-in on flexbox fairly recently
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Facebook is a great platform to run ads in order to grow your SaaS business and get new users but oftentimes Facebook ads are dismissed by B2B companies since it is a B2C platform. But it doesn’t defer the face that it can serve as a great platform to generate leads and sales for your SaaS business and for that you’ll need to master a few tips and tricks on leveraging your business through Facebook ads. 

Here’s a good thing about running Facebook ads before we go further: 

Facebook allows you to run 6 different types of ads: Video ads, Photo ads. Slideshow ads, Carousel ads, Canvas ads, Dynamic Product Ads. It’s pretty cool. 

What are the kind of ads you can choose from? 

Benefits, Testimonial, and Offer Ads: 

This is great if you’re already a quite established and reputed brand and to retarget your leads who haven’t completed the subscription process. 

You can also add a demo request or free trial sign up with these ads.

Two rounds here. 

Round 1: Mention your software’s main value, supporting integrations and USP. 

Round 2: Preferably a video case study or a testimonial and feel free to mention if a famous brand is using your software, it’s definitely an attention grabber. 

Entertaining, Educational, and Free-Trial Ads: 

This is great for a customer who has no idea about who you are and also if you’re a quite young company and wants to build positive associations with your brand before taking a “serious” step. 

These ads are not meant to be pushy. It should be attractive and creative with a light tone to it. You can redirect your targeted users to blog posts or to a downloadable freebie and this can help you secure a place for yourself in the minds of your targeted users. 

Content Offer Ad, Lead Generation on Your Website, and Lead Nurturing via Email: 

Here’s when you can almost capture your targeted customers; run an ad that offers any resource for free which is creative and in a non-standard format. When your targeted user tries downloading it, they share their contact info with you. Don’t jump right in and ask for their credit card details instead send them useful information and educational content that will convince them to sign up for a free trial in a matter of a couple of weeks. 

This is insane!

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Product and technology

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Content Offer Ad in Case of No Conversions 

Before even beginning to run ads on Facebook, you must have downloaded Facebook pixels which remembers the visitor who visited your page and left without sharing their contact info. Filter these visitors by the amount of time they spend on your site which will ensure that they are indeed your targeted user. 

To increase the efficiency of your retargeting campaigns, remove your existing customers, employees, and non-targeted users which will also help you in saving some money. 

Time for Tips! 

• Be original: use real people, names, and stories in terms of advertising a testimonial so that it ensures a level of trust with your prospects.

Highlight your lifetime deals: by promoting your lifetime deals, you show your customer that you are totally in it for the long run and this also helps in reinforcing your prospect’s interest in you. 

Promote webinars: by organizing webinars, you get to not only grow your email list but also demo your product, offer deeper insights, and answer your customers’ questions. 

Animations are accepted: Studies show that animation has a much better effect on the user’s perception of content and they’re fun. Make use of 2-3 creative animated images and test which works best in terms of conversion. 

Short copy works: While carousels and videos are more engaging, studies show that short copy works better and it stays in a user’s mind for a longer time. You can also make use of quirky and suitable emojis in these headlines to make it more engaging and interesting. 

To conclude,

In order to really succeed with Facebook ads, you need to have a minute growth mindset. You need to constantly think about ways you can grow, to iterate and test new ads, new audiences, and creativity. All of these play a major role in leveraging your Saas business in Facebook ads. 

The key here is to test because if you don’t test you don’t know what the targeted user prefers or wants. When you test more, you won’t have to worry about your ads burning out or your frequency getting too high and CPF earns crack climb too high. Focus on the growth and testing, don’t stop doing it. 

Here’s a final tip that supports my conclusion by Shakun Bansal, Head of Marketing at Mercer Mettl, Online Assessments Software: 

“If you are running ads, maintain the continuous stream of it every day. Don’t run for a few days and stop it. Let the ad run a minimum number of days to show some results. 

Running for a few days without following any schedule and then stopping it won’t generate any Facebook ad ROI. The analysis of paid ad metrics should be absolute and measured via 

1) the number of customers reaching the landing pages of your website, 

2) the number of people downloading a lot of content collateral, and

3) the continuous flow of requests for product demos.” 

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