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How to effectively use marketing channels at your SaaS company

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  • These major platforms probably only went all-in on flexbox fairly recently
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Most of the B2B SaaS organizations leave their paid media channels too early. They don’t exploit their resources to the full extent. But this is also due to various challenges in paid marketing. We listed down some of the common mistakes that SaaS companies make in popular marketing platforms and a few tips to optimize their strategies to maximize their potential.

Some of the common mistakes companies make.

Google Ads 

Once a company reaches a scalable target for maximum keywords, they often transition to other platforms, as they think they don’t have anything to do in Google Ads anymore.

You should come up at the top of your keyword search when your customer searches for you; if not, they are going to go with whoever comes up first.

Companies usually bid on the high-intent keywords related to their product/service, but they often miss other areas in Google that they can use to their advantage.

  • Some companies don’t use Google Display Network, which reaches over 90% of internet users because they think banner advertising is untargeted.
  • Some companies avoid bidding on their competitor’s keywords.
  • Failing to bid on their brand name as a keyword as they think it will get kicks naturally.

This is insane!

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LinkedIn Ads 

Even though everyone knows it is an excellent platform for B2B advertising, companies often switch to other platforms and use this in a limited amount because o the high cost associated with paid advertising on LinkedIn.  

A common mistake in LinkedIn is that companies will decide higher click costs make it less favored than the other platforms. 

LinkedIn might be the most expensive of the discussed platforms, but it is worth investing in because of certainty that the reach to B2B buyers is higher than any other platform.

Facebook Ads 

 Facebook is not the best option to market your B2B product, but it is useful in establishing communication and forming communities. The customer acquisition costs are high and won’t contact, but companies still do it when they run out of options.

The problem with advertising on Facebook is that the people who are going to see your ads are more likely to be B2C customers. But you can overcome this is by setting up your demographics right and by using ad copies and creativity that makes it clear that it’s for a specific set of people.

Paid marketing can be as good as SEO if appropriately utilized as you can see;

  • The people who are converting and those who are not.
  • Immediate results
  • Testing content for customers before investing in SEO 

Utilizing the platforms properly:


Targeting with In-Market and Custom-Intent Segments will make Google’s constantly tweaked algorithms to choose people that they think are in the market to buy what you sell.

Using Google’s Brand Consideration Intent to show ads to people who search for your brand’s reviews or your brand’s name with other alternatives.

Google Display Network Managed Placements will show ads to people on websites related to your general topic to reach people who are probably looking for something similar to what your company has to offer.

Google’s Customer Match feature will aid you in reaching audiences with similar interests as your existing customers and leads.


LinkedIn works best when you customize it to broader related job titles to start. You can find out who is responding, and you can personalize your ads and retarget your advertisements accurately or them.

A lot of studies show that when you are posting content, users will engage with it more if they find it easily consumable and immediately useful.

Though the amount of leads through LinkedIn is lower than other platforms, the lead quality is usually better, and the customer acquisition costs can work out to be similar to the other platforms.


Though B2C businesses mostly use Facebook, if you are marketing your B2B product on Facebook, you have to copyright the ad in a way to make sure even if it reaches B2C people than B2B customers, it should be communicating the products intent.

To save costs that you can invest somewhere else, you can use ad retargeting to reach select potential customers without spending much.

Other than advertising, Facebook is beneficial in creating private communities to engage with people, and they are much better at yielding results as they attract people who have use for your product. It also helps with the direct company to customer interaction. 

Over the last decade, there has been a lot of discussion about how effective paid marketing in these platforms are. 

We think with all the constant tweaks and changes in algorithms; all these platforms are actually getting better at delivering your content to the right people.

The approaches that are discussed above are some of the ways to market your SaaS businesses better in the platforms. By continually testing out each of these platforms, you can choose the best fit for your business by investing in the optimal channels for your digital advertising.

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