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Here’s How To Make Your SaaS Marketing Strategy Generate Revenue

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The key to success in the SaaS industry is not merely a passion for creating incredible products that impact your customers’ lives but understanding that the way you market and sell your product is what makes or breaks your company. Saas companies pose a unique challenge to marketing as the product being offered is not tangible unlike a traditional product- or service-based business.

In this era of Internet hacks and shortcuts to success, unsurprisingly you will find thousands of sites claiming they have the perfect strategy to rapid success. You, being the discerning, intelligent business person you are will realize that the road to success is long and uneven. The only winning strategy for consistent revenue generation is to leverage your content to your advantage. You already know that and we are here to help you do exactly that!

Here’s how:-

Optimize your website for conversions.

Content optimization and keyword research are essential to make sure that your SaaS site comes up first when customers search for a product that you offer. Here’s how you do that. First, identify all the buy-intent keywords which your potential customers may be searching for and optimize your existing landing pages accordingly to target them. This will ensure that potential customers are directed to your site whenever they’re about to make a purchasing decision. 

Secondly, focus on attracting traffic that the potential to convert, impact the business’s bottom line, and deliver promising ROI. This is known as the hockey-stick content-growth strategy, which focuses on generating leads with content by guiding traffic your way.

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Create content that meets your target audience’s queries.

You need to anticipate possible questions that customers may have about your product and create content that answers them all. Your landing page has to be packed with informative content pieces to attract organic traffic. Make sure you focus on those queries which cover what customers in the consideration phase of the marketing funnel would possibly be looking for by targeting keywords related to the middle of the funnel. This ensures that the potential leads entering your funnel will be higher along in their journey of discovery and more likely to convert into customers. These content pieces also act as a bridge when building backlinks to your landing pages, driving link equity as well as referral traffic back to the conversion-optimized pages on your blog.

 Make sure your content comes up in relevant searches.

Don’t we all wish that we lived in an alternative universe where great content would speak for itself; customers would automatically stumble upon it on the first page of the Search Results and get organic links from great publications and a steady stream of potential leads? Unfortunately, we in the SaaS industry have to work hard to get the audience to notice our content. We can’t all afford billboards in Times Square but we can build backlinks for our content, pitch to reputable publications within your niche in the industry, and offer to write guest articles for them. Their endorsement and consequent visibility for your website will ensure your site ranks organically as well as getting referral traffic simultaneously. 

Great, you have organic leads that you’ve educated with your stellar content and they are now satisfied and loyal paying customers? Well, we still have a long way to go, we need to stay at the top of our game at all times. This is how we do that:- 

Optimize your content for the entire sales cycle. 

The retention stage of the SaaS sales cycle is the most crucial, as the SaaS model relies heavily on on-going subscriptions rather than one-time purchases. Sustaining these on-going relationships with the customer is essential if you want them to retain and keep them engaged. The value of content goes beyond just inbound traffic. Content can be used to update and inform existing users and thus make them feel that there is great value in continuing to use your product and visit your site. 

Leverage content as a remarketing tool. 

Content is a great way to reach out to pre-existing leads stored in your SaaS CRM software and re-establish your connection with them. The SaaS industry is fluid and continuously evolving, and SaaS entrepreneurs need to update their knowledge and improve their products. Content opens up new avenues for upselling and cross-selling in SaaS. 

Monitor customer actions.

While content is definitely essential to get qualified leads into your sales funnel, converting them into paying customers requires knowledge of analytics and expertise in user experience. Monitor what your users are doing on your website to determine what works and what doesn’t. 

SaaS is an industry where everything — the product, its marketing, sales interactions, and customer support – are inextricable from each other. Every stage of customer interaction must be seamless to unlock potential sources of revenue and ensure long term growth. 

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