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Top 20 SaaS Analytics tools

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  • These major platforms probably only went all-in on flexbox fairly recently
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A List of SaaS Tools You Need To Look Out For! 

SaaS is almost like a repository for tools. There’s a tool for your every need! 

Let’s say you need to track your marketing spending, is there a tool for that? 


Do you need to measure the engagement level of your application, is there something for that? Of course! 

Do you need a tool for revenue analysis? Because there is definitely plenty of tools for that. 

The aim of this article is not to help you find the non-existent perfect but rather to help find a tool that is well-suited to your needs for yourself, by yourself. You’re going to choose it as I list it. 

Before we start, the term SaaS analytics tools are pretty vague as they must be categorized according to their uses so that you’ll also find it easier to mix and match tools based on your needs or a specific job. 

• Web Analytics Tools for SaaS 

• Marketing Analysis Tools for SaaS 

• Subscription Analysis Tools for SaaS 

• Reporting Tools for SaaS 

Let’s dive into it.

Web Analytics Tools for SaaS 

It all comes down to your understanding and relationship with the customer which in turn helps in improving user experience and conversion rates. Here are some tools which cover this aspect from different angles.

Crazy Egg 

This is insane!

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Crazy egg is a great tool to understand the data behind your website’s performance and in providing you with a deeper insight by offering you five different types of web analysis reports. Such as a Heatmap, Scrollmap, Confetti Report, Overlay Report, and List Report. 

With the help of Crazy egg, you can not only acquire valuable information about your website but also understand your ideal customer’s journey in a much better way. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is best for companies that are just starting to measure the attribution of their campaigns. It is also fitting for companies that drive mainly web traffic and have monthly visits under 1M. 

GA lets you measure your ROI and help in tracking flash, video, social networking sites, and applications. 

This is free! 

However, there is also a tool called Google Analytics 360 which is the enterprise version of Google Analytics and this helps in providing you with access to more advanced reports; powerful funnel, and attribution reports. 

This is $150,000 per year! 


Intercom works as a connecting tool between customers and businesses. This messaging platform software helps businesses to communicate with their prospective and existing customers. It also includes various key features that are important to SaaS which helps in the filtration and segmentation of the target customers based on their behavior, preferences, and attributes. 

The pricing starts at $39/ month! 

Marketing Analytics Tools for SaaS 


While Bitly may be known as a URL shortening tool, it also has added vigorous analytics suite which is of great help to SaaS marketers; services such as tracking clicks by channel and demographic and organic link shares and much more. Bitly helps in easing your analyzing experience of marketing campaigns! 

It has various options when it comes to pricing. There are a free plan, basic plan, and custom paid plans which start at $29/month. 


HubSpot is a tailored service hub and an all-in-one marketing automation software. It is known for multiple things! Since they are involved with CRM, Sales, and Service Hubs, this is able to provide the SaaS marketers the marketing analytics features and information they need. They help in connecting all these dots of the interaction a customer has with a brand to revenue. It’s pretty cool. 

While HubSpot CRM is free, their Marketing, Sales, and Service Hub plans start at $50/month. 


It is a great tool for product usage analysis as it analyses by the cohort. Mixpanel helps to give you a quick and easy understanding of customer behavior and their funnel movement with your product. Mixpanel also provides you with deeper insights into product, engagement, and retention. 

It also comes with an in-app A/B tests and user survey forms that are used to build custom reports. 

Mixpanel offers both free and paid plans which start at $89/month and $779/year. 

Heap Analytics 

Heap Analytics is a web analytics tool that provides a unique experience by capturing all user activity on your website or mobile app. It has an automatic feature of capturing every user action without manual code and tracking of user events. Heap makes it much easier to create sales funnels and it is user friendly as it is suitable for a variety of users. 

It is free to use, a total win! 


Kissmetrics is also a user-based analytics tool which helps in building reliable cohorts, customer journey, and funnels based on customer behavior, preferences, and attributes. It is also of great help by providing you with reports that are easy to understand in terms of progressing with marketing decisions. 

Their pricing is $250/month. 


While Salesforce tops itself as the top customer relationship management software (CRM), it also offers an analytics product called Einstein Analytics. 

It is built with Artificial Intelligence that helps in the analysis of important metrics, track insights for a better sales opportunity, improve the productivity of your sales team and helps you stay focused on the outcome over data points. Keeps you grounded. It is easy to access and understand the data without really getting lost into the numbers. 

Their pricing starts at $75/ per user! 


It is true that Woopra is the most expensive tool on the market but it is definitely worth it if you’re able to afford it. While it offers everything any analytics tool does; its distinctive feature is the true end-to-end customer journey analytics which makes it easier to understand how and for how long your customers use each of your features. 

Woopra’s paid plans start at $999/month. 


Freshmarketer is a marketing automation tool by Freshworks which is a simple yet powerful tool for A/B test, split URL test, Funnel test, etc. It is integrated from analysis and makes it easier for you to create funnels. Freshmarketer also allows you to see the heatmaps for your experiment variations. You will not require separate testing or conversion optimization or survey tool if you are using Freshmarketer. 

It provides a free plan and a prepaid paid plan at $49/month. 



Subscription Analytics Tools for SaaS 

These are the most important tools for a SaaS business and the tools mentioned below will help you in making informed decisions about how best to grow your subscription business.


Profitwell Metrics is a free platform measuring the growth of new and existing users. It is the most fitting analytics solution for managing and growing subscription business. Its features help you track trials churn rates and cohorts to boost retention. It closely analyses the users to figure out who is most likely to convert or churn. 

It is free! But in order to unlock the features of Retain and Recognised, you’ll have to pay.  

For Recognised it is $1,000/month and to Retain it depends on the revenue covered. 


Baremetrics makes it easy to get your hands into in-depth insights, tracking monthly recurring revenue and other revenue goals while benchmarking against other companies similar to yours. This tool is specifically designed for Subscription businesses and SaaS and also includes aggregate data to present your performance in a wider sense.

Its pricing starts at $50/month. 


Churnbuster’s approach to subscription analytics is quite narrow as it focuses on preventing involuntary churn. It helps you in understanding the reason for a passive churn and to help you with better optimization in order to reduce its overtime. You can also track improvements and customer payment history with Churnbuster. 

Its pricing starts at $50/month. 


ChartMogul aims to “use revenue and customer data to improve and grow your business” with the help of its subscription analytics. It presents a clear view of all key SaaS metrics especially customer LTV, MoM churn rate, analyzing cohorts, trial to paid subscribers, and MRRI. The flexibility to edit, merge, and connect is also an added advantage as to why you would prefer ChartMogul. It is also one of the only SaaS tools to offer dedicated mobile subscription analytics.

They had a free plan and their paid prepaid plans start at $100/month. 

Analytics Reporting Tools for SaaS 

A reporting analytics tools are going to help you to visualize data sets in order to pull actionable insights out of the numbers and to turn your data into professional-looking dashboards and reports. 


Kilpfolio connects seamlessly with over 100 different data sources and its customers depend on Klipfolio to help drive data-informed decisions. By turning data into a visual dashboard, it supports its customers in making smarter decisions about their email marketing programs and helps in identifying gaps and enhances overall subscriber engagement. Klipfolio is the perfect balance of price and functionality.

Its pricing starts at $49/month. 


TapClicks is a game-changer for d

elivering reports to the clients as it works as a multi-platform where reports are made easy. With the combination of TapReports and TapAnalytics; connecting with your data is now much easier and simpler. It is not cumbersome to navigate and the scheduling report feature is a major plus.

They offer a free trial and you can contact them for pricing information. 


Grow makes the connection between CRM, marketing, and financial data sources. It is one of the most capable business intelligence tools for SaaS companies and their emphasis on the appealing visualization of reports makes it very much easier to understand the reports and make sense of the numbers. Grow makes displaying data from multiple sources very easy. 

Their pricing is $35 or $65 or $85 based on your plan. 

Adaptive Insights 

Adaptive Insights powers a new generation of business planning by billing their analytics tool “business planning software”. It stands out as one of the few SaaS reporting tools that are based in the cloud. All of the data are in one place and it doesn’t require much effort for the processing and analysis. Its add-on feature called “Adaptive OfficeConnect” connects Adaptive and Microsoft Office through the cloud so you can make changes instantly and see the results. This feature alone makes it worth the price you pay for it. 

Contact Adaptive Insights for pricing information. 


Cyfe is also one of the few cloud-based reporting tools which are also an all-in-one dashboard application for businesses. Cyfe provides a various number of built-in integrations from common data sources. It integrates with most of the major web services; you can track sales, traffic, analytics, and more. It can be adapted to your own needs whether you need it for social media monitoring or sales/financing. It is very much simple to use and to set up dashboards. If you work in google sheets, you can import data into Cyfe and if your developers know how to use the PUSH API you can also set up customized data. Cyfe’s TV mode allows users to share their dashboard to one or more televisions. It’s got pretty cool features. 

They are free but their premium plans that come with unlimited dashboards, sharing options, data exports, custom logo and domains, and all that cool stuff start from $29/month. 

Choose your tool! 

Like I pointed out in the very beginning, these are the many essential analytics tools for SaaS, now all you have to do is figure out what your unique needs are and find the right SaaS analytics tools to get your business to level up and to understand your performance and to grow in the subscription business. 

Good luck to you! 

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