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A SaaS solution on Remote work

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  • Synergy Research reported that IBM had 7 percent of the cloud infrastructure market
  • These major platforms probably only went all-in on flexbox fairly recently
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Given the current situation, dealing with a global pandemic and a lockdown brought out many different changes in the world, our daily lives, and more importantly, to our jobs. Work from home is quickly becoming the new normal and many companies plan on continuing with remote work even after quarantine. It’s a future trend now and the future is now! 

While it sounds really good to avoid the everyday morning stress by rather working from your house, it can get a little difficult in sticking to a schedule or staying productive. In this article, you’ll be provided with some useful insights you can implement while remote working from home. 

Before moving forward, here’s a list of some SaaS companies that have crushed the culture of remote work before it became imperative and popular: 

• VeRO – “you are free to live and work where you want in the world, whether it’s our HQ in Sydney or a cabin in the woods.”

• Hubstaff 

• Convertkit 

• zapier 

• Webinarninja

Switching to a remote-work setup isn’t easy. Smartsheet’s Mark Mader told TechCrunch that the “challenge of remote work isn’t just about physical location,” continuing to say that it is “also about the need for people to feel connected and stay informed.” For which, finding suitable tools and making smart use of it highly necessary. Low-code and no-code tooling is also another way to empower remote workers. 

The increasing demand for these tools can be seen recently in Zoom’s earnings report, even though there is an uptick in terms of usage, it’s mostly on the free side said Zoom’s CFO Kelly Steckelberg. To make an informed decision about the future of remote working can be decided based on conversions to paid products which we will be able to see within the next three months. 

Why remote work can be difficult? 

Remote work can amplify the negative effects of bad practices. You cannot dither, micromanage, progress through the day in an unclear uncertainty, or vacillate. There are no shortcuts when it comes to remote work since the actual result implies the actual work you put in. You need to have independent responsibilities for yourself, stay connected with your team members, decisive confidence, clear direction, and a proper agenda for the day. It’s almost like a character development exercise to master remote work. 

But it’s not all that hard, with the help of the tools mentioned below and few tips, you’ll be a pro remote worker in no time! 

How SaaS is a solution to remote work? 

The cloud makes software and company information available everywhere and allows staff to communicate and collaborate effectively and conveniently. In a way, this is also a great way of saving money in various areas of your monthly and everyday bills. 

This is insane!

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PaaS, IaaS, SaaS – choosing what you need.

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Taking a look at the SaaS tools: 

1. Trello

Trello is a quirky and fun project management tool that lets you organize your work and tasks into visual boards. It is also extremely easy to use and allows any virtually connected teams to stay up-to-date on every detail and business activity. 

The highlight of Trello is the whiteboard, InVision Freehand that assists with presentations and interactive planning which makes work much more enjoyable! 

2. Slack 

Slack is a personal favorite to many people as it gives you the exact feel of a “virtual office.” This implies that Slack is more than just a communication service, features like additional plug-in applications can automate reports about business activity, progress, and generate alerts. 

This captivates the employees and helps to stay focused and engaged while still working towards the immediate goal. 

Slack also facilitates integrations with other applications such as Skype, MailChimp, Zoom, Google Drive, and Basecamp. 

3. Calendly Meeting and Conference Scheduler 

Scheduling a meeting or a conference that suits and works for everyone can be a bit of a challenge. Calendly doesn’t let you have this problem anymore as it figures out a time and schedules everything by itself and all you have to do is just input when you’re available.

 Calendly is also integrated with other planner applications such as Outlook and Google Calendar. 

4. Basecamp Project Management Tools 

When your business model is established on process control, it becomes difficult in a remote working system to maintain transparent processes. 

Basecamp is great to keep you on track by tracking and ensuring sign-off on the tasks that need to be completed. It also comes with various basic features like a chatbot called Campfire, a scheduler, a collaborative file manager and its functions can be extended with additional tools. 

5. Adobe Document Sign 

You don’t need an Adobe account to use Adobe Document Sign! Now that most documents have become digital, authentication of forms, letters, and contacts with a signature has become increasingly difficult and challenging. 

With Adobe Document Sign, it makes this part of the job easy! 

6. Notion 

If you have tons of resources with which you have to collaborate and work with, Notion is a great option! You can fix tasks, add users, and notes. 

7. Canva 

If you need to work on the creative aspect of the job and collaborate on graphic elements, Canva comes in handy and makes this job smooth and simple for you and in sharing designs with your team. 

8. Noisli and Lonofi 

I strongly believe you need the right environment to complete a job and by creating a suitable workspace for yourself, you might get yourself to do a greater job than usual. By using Noisli, you can create a digital place for focus, and by creating a perfect sound environment for yourself; you are creating an environment for you. You can also use Lonofi to create your ambient sounds. 

9. Pocket 

Sometimes it gets hard to focus since you’re home and a lot of things are getting to your mind at once. While I prefer jotting down my ideas or content in a notebook when it comes to keeping tab of interesting articles and pages that you come across; Pocket is extremely helpful in terms of accessibility and at keeping these pages within arm’s reach. 

I hope this helps in easing your remote work experience for the many days (or years) to come. 

Good luck to you becoming a pro-remote worker! 

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